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Profile UniSite group was established in 2008 in Ningbo Chinese second largest port dredging relevant products manufacturing supplying since 2005 that is characterized by visible leadership vitality innovation long term vision and a sound financial position As an international partner we are specialized in providing comprehensive service of dredging land reclamation offshore projects marine engineering piling works municipal engineering mechanical engineering construction machinery oilfield projects and environmental remediation projects The group has a perfect managing system and our staff who are professional in technology are committed passionate efficient Thanks to the knowledge the...

Categories and Products

Steel Pontoon

Steel boat pontoon for dredging and marine construction steel floating boat pontoon for marine construction steel pontoons floats for dredging and marine construction Marine float pontoons for dredging construction Marine construction floating steel pontoon Marine construction pontoon fittings Marine steel pontoon design for dredging Marine construction dredging steel pontoons Marine dredging pontoon accessories Steel flooring pontoon for marine construction Steel marine pontoon dredging parts Dredging steel pontoons marine float Marine buliding steel pontoons design Marine construction stainless steel boat accessories Modular pontoons for marine construction Marine Hot-Dog Floating Steel Pontoon 

Floating Platform

Marine floating boat platform Steel marine floating platforms Floating platform instrument for dredging Steel floating offshore platform Steel marine water floating platforms Dredging steel floating platform Steel floating production platform for marine Floating pump work steel platform floating working platforms for marine construction Marine construction floating platform Steel floating platform for dredging Square marine steel floating platforms Floating On Marine Platform Offshore Marine Floating Platform Offshore Platform Steel Construction Steel Floating Platform Offshore 

Steel Pipe

Spiral Pipe

Steel carbon spiral pipes Spiral welded carbon steel pipe Round carbon spiral weld steel pipe Spiral steel large diameter welding pipes Steel round spiral pipes and fittings Spiral carbon steel water pipes Spirally carbon welded steel pipe Spiral round large diameter steel pipe Large diameter spiral carbon steel pipes Steel Spiral Duct Pipe 

Longitudinal Pipe

Steel longitudinal welded round pipe Longitudinal welded steel pipes Steel round longitudinal welded pipe Ssaw longitudinal steel pipes Longitudinal steel seam welded pipes Straight welded longitudinal steel welding pipe 

Saw Pipe

Black paint metal pipes saw Longitudinally Welded straight steel pipes saw Small longitudinal saw steel pipes Saw weld small size steel pipes Saw welded carbon steel pipes Saw welding straight round pipes Weld saw carbon steel pipes Welded carbon straight saw pipe steel saw pipe welded saw pipe with carbon steel 

Stainless Pipe

Straight stainless steel pipes Seamless stainless 316 steel pipes Stainless steel seamless pipes Stainless 304 316 seamless pipes 304 stainless steel pipes fittings Stainless steel exhausted round pipe Stainless steel 304 exhausting pipes 

Steel Pipe

Carbon steel pipes for sale Galvanize steel pipe for sale Seamless steel pipe price Industrial black steel pipe Large steel pipe for sale Round steel pipes for sale Seamless steel carbon pipe Best quality steel pipes Structural steel pipes for sale Welded steel pipes for sale 

Pipe Bend

Welded Bend

Welding bend pipes fitting Equal welding hot bend Carbon steel weld pipe bend Welded steel hot bend pipe Hot custom steel welded bends Hot equal welded steel bends Welding steel bend fittings Steel metal bending pipe fittings Butt welded fittings pipes 

Pressed Bend

Custom pressed bend pipes Pressed steel hot bends Steel pressed pipe bend fitting Steel pressed pipes bends fitting Seamless pressed bend with flange Steel Pipe Pressed Bends 

Y Pipe

Steel stainless exhaust y pipes Exhaust high pressure y pipes Reducing stainless exhaust y pipes Steel Stainless Y Pipe with Flange Stainless exhausted y pipes Y exhaust pipe with flange Steel Y Pipes Fittings Steel y exhaust pipe Steel Y Pipe Adapter Welded Y Pipe Connector 

Branch Pipe

Carbon Steel branch pipe Customized steel pipe branch Branch connection fittings of steel Steel branch pipes fitting Customized steel branch pipe fittings Steel pipes welded branches Custom steel pipes branch Steel Branch Pipe Customization 

Floating Pipe

Steel floating dredge pipes Structure floating steel pipes Steel dredging loating pipelines Floating steel dredging pipelines 

Rubber Hose

Black dredging consturction rubber hose Flexible black rubber hose pipes Flexible exhaust rubber hoses Flexible rubber hoses for dredging construction High pressure rubber hoses High pressure rubber dredge hose High temperature rubber hose Dredging rubber hose connector 

Marine Buoy

Steel anchor marine buoy Steel boat marine buoy Steel mooring marine buoy Marine floating steel buoy Marine offshore steel buoy 

Marine Float

Marine Polyethylene concrete float Marine hdpe float price Marine dock plastic float 

High Strength Fender

High strength marine rubber fender Marine High Strength Fender Rubber High Strength Fenders 

Structural Pipes

Marine Spud

Marine boat dredging spud Customized steel marine boat spuds Steel marine dredging spud customized steel spud pipe Marine Steel Pipe Spud Marine Steel Dredge Spud Marine Steel Spud Pipes 

Suction Pipe

Oil large size suction pipe Steel dredging pipe suction Pump suction discharge dredging pipes Pump suctions weld steel pipe Steel pump suction dredging pipes Customizd pump suction discharge pipes Dredging Pump Suction Pipe 

Arm Piece

Steel marine arm pieces Marine boat arm pieces Steel Boat Arm Pieces 

Jet Pipe

Custom steel jet pipes Jet steel dredger pipes Marine steel jet pipe 2 Pipe Jet Assembly Marine Air Jet Pipe Jet Filtration Water Pipe Jet Hydraulic Pipe Bender Customized Jet Pipe Bender 

Double Wall Pipe

Marine double walled pipes Double wall steel pipes design 

Straight Pipe

Welded straight pipes exhaust Welded steel straight pipes Steel Exhaust Straight Pipe Best Straight Pipe Exhaust Custom Straight Pipe Exhaust Steel Structural Pipe With Flange Big Size Structural Straight Pipe Painted Steel Straight Pipe Customized Straight Pipe Exhaust Marine Cutting Pipe Straight Straight Structural Steel Pipe With Flange Fluid Transportation Steel Pipe With Flange Structure Steel Marine Straight Pipe 

Wear Resistant Pipe

Wear resistant steel pipe design Dredge wear resistant steel pipes Steel wear resistant loading pipes Wear resistant steel loading piping Wear resistant thick wall pipe material Wear resistant steel plates pipe 

Telescopic Pipe

Telescopic Steel Fall Pipe 

Quick Release

Steel Pipe Quick Release 

Steel Structures

Bottom Door

Steel dredge bottom doors Dredge bottom steel doors Marine dredger bottom doors Steel marine dredge bottom doors 


Frame large steel gantry Steel large gantry crane Large steel gantry cranes Steel lifting crane gantries 


Customized black overflows pipe Dripping steel overflow pipe Marine overflow pipe for sale Water overflow pipe design Hydraulic Water Overflow Pipe 

Bow Coupling

Steel painted bow coupling Customized steel copper couplings Steel dredge bow coupling Steel marine dredge bow coupling 

Valve Body

Steel marine valve body Steel valve body parts Valves steel body express Steel valves body assembly 

Turning Gland

Marine turning boats gland Customized dredger turning glands Steel dredger turning gland design 

Loading Box

Boat steel loading boxes Dredge loading steel box price Steel Marine Loading Box 

Drag Head

Custom steel drag head Marine welded drag heads design Marine steel head drags 

Cutter Head

Marine dredge cutter heads Steel cutter head design Customized cutter dredge head design 

Cutter Ladder

Custom branch cutter ladder Marine cutter dredger ladder design Steel cutter dredger ladder Marine cutter suction dredgers ladders 

Anchor Box

Marine steel anchor boxes 

Hopper Panel

Steel marine hopper panels Customized hopper steel panel Steel Hopper Panel Customization 


Marine steel grab buckets Custom grab steel buckets Custom steel marine grabs Custom steel boat grab price 

Bucket Wheel

Custom steel bucket wheels Custom Steel buckets wheel Steel bucket marine wheel 

Fender Frame

High strength steel fender frames 

Ship Anchor

Marine steel anchors ship Custom steel ship anchor price Ship steel anchor price design Steel marine custom sheep anchors Marine dredge ship anchors 

Water Box

Steel Welded Water Boxes Water marine steel boxes 

Chute Flap

Steel welded Chute Flaps 

Davit Crane

Boat steel crane davits Boat davit steel cranes Marine steel welded davits crane Steel marine davits arm crane 

Steel Frame

Steel Structural Frame Housing Steel Structure Used For Construction 

Casting Structures

Casting Branch Pipe

Custom casting branch pipe design 

Casting Bend

Casting steel bend fitting 

Steel Liner

wear resistant casting steel liners 


Adjustable steel pulley sheave Custom aluminum belt sheave 

Ball Joint

Front lower ball joint Casting ball joint parts 

Casting Pump And Spare Parts


Custom casting steel impeller price Steel casting impeller design Pump oem casting impeller design Steel casting pump impellers High-Chromium Iron pump impeller 

Pump Shell

Steel gear pump shells Steel Casting Mud Pump Shell Casting Steel dredging Pump Shell High Strength Casting Slurry Pump Shell 

Pump Liner

Custom steel pump liner design OEM pump steel liner for sale Customized casting pump liner OEM pump casting liner design Steel Casted Mud Pump Liner Steel Casting Mud Pump Liner 

Steel Forging Ring

Steel forged seamless rings 

Suction Mouth

Customized suction steel mouth design Steel welded mouth suction price Mouth welded steel suction size Customized welded suction mouth design Suction steel welded mouths 

Pump Cover

Steel heat pump covers 

Dredging Pump

Sand suction steel dredge pump Suction dredge steel pump design Steel marine dredger pump for sale 

Slurry Pump

Steel marine slurry pumps OEM centrifugal slurry pump design Marine steel centrifugal slurry pumps 

Mooring System

Anchor Windlass

Marine anchor winches windlass Steel marine anchor windlasses Custom steel anchor windlasses size 

Mooring Winch

Marine windlass mooring winch Marine Windlass Mooring Winches Steel mooring marine winch 

Mooring Bollard

Marine boat mooring bollard Steel mooring steel bollard Steel marine mooring bollard 


Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger

Trailing suction hopper dredger design Suction trailing hopper dredgers Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger Trailer hopper suction dredger Trailer hopper suction dredger design Hopper Trailing Suction Dredger design 

Cutter Suction Dredger

Cutter suction marine dredger Cutter suction dredgers design Cutter suction dredger operation Cutter suction dredger specification Marine cutter suction dredger price 

Bucket Dredger

Marine Steel bucket dredger Bucket marine chain dredger Chain bucket dredgers price Marine bucket wheel dredge 

Grab Dredger

Steel marine grab dredgers Grab marine dredger design Custom grab chain dredger price Grab steel marine dredgers 


Self Propelled Barge

Custome self propelled barge design Marine self propelled boat barges Non propelled marine barges Non self propelled marine barges Self propelled spud barge 

Split Hopper Barge

Split hopper barge design Custom hopper split barge design Custom marine split hopper barges Customized marine hopper split barges 

Sand Barge

Marine custom Sand Barges Customized Sand marine Barges Sand dredging container barge Customized barges sand boat 

Chemical Vessel

LNG Vessel

Marine lNG vessel for sale LNG marine vessel design Floating LNG vessel price Marine floating LNG vessel type 

LPG Vessel

Marine LPG vessel for sale LPG storage vessel design LPG tanker vessel price LPG marine vesssel for sale 

Sheet Pile

Steel sheet pile wall Composite sheet pile walls Concrete sheet pile wall 

Piling Pipe

Custom steel piling pipe price Customized piling steel pipes Seamless piling pipes steel National Pipe And Piling 

Construction Machinery

Steel construction machinery design Construction steel machinery price Machinery steel construction for sale Construction machinery parts type Heavy construction machinery price Construction equipments and machinery Machinery steel construction equipment design 

Hoisting Equipment

Lifting hoisting equipment for sale Hoisting steel equipment design Steel hoisting equipment price Hoisting and rigging equipment price Hoisting equipment in construction for sale Lifting and hoisting equipment price 

Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural steel equipment for sale Steel agricultural equipment design Agricultural equipment parts price Agricultural farm equipment for sale Agricultural equipment auctions price 

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