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Different casting methods have different mould preparation contents. The most widely used in sand casting for example, mold preparation including shape material preparation and other core two items of work. Sand casting is used to form the core making all kinds of raw materials, such as casting sand, sand binder and other materials, and the preparation of sand, sand, paint etc. are collectively referred to as the molding material molding material preparation task is in accordance with the requirement of the casting, metal properties, selection of sand and binder and accessories. Then according to a certain proportion mix them into the sand and core sand with certain properties. The commonly used sand mixing equipment has the wheel type sand mixer, the counter current type sand mixer and the blade groove type sand mixer. The latter is designed for mixed chemical self hardening sand design, continuous mixing, fast.

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Casting Structures

Casting StructuresCasting StructuresCasting StructuresCasting Structures

Casting is a more economical way to produce a blank, which shows its economy more than the complicated part. If the car engine cylinder block and cylinder head, propeller and exquisite works of art, etc.. Some difficult to cutting parts, nickel based alloy parts such as gas turbine without casting method can not be formed.

Now the casting factory uses the modelling method, in the past ten years did not have the big change and the modelling technology to have the big progress. On the wet sand and sand mold, precision die casting are described as follows.
wet sand molding method. Mount company believes that: suitable for most of the metal materials, mass production of the modeling method, the clay wet sand shape is the most economic modeling method. The casting factory is equipped with the control device of the latest technology, we should gradually achieve, with green sand control technique can be repeated to get the best performance. These control devices include, screening and separation of metal, back to the sand with the cooling, back to use sand mixed practice accurate release additives, etc..